Adnan Rajeh



Adnan Rajeh

Adnan Rajeh


Adnan graduated Medical school from Damascus University in 2012, trained in Internal Medicine at UWO, and is currently completing his fellowship in Medical Oncology at UWO as well.

Adnan obtained a Bachelor of Sharia from the Faculty of Fundamentals of Religion, Omdurman Islamic University in 2011.

He also has a license to read and teach the Qur’an in the recitation of Asim from the scholarship of Damascus (Sheikh Bassam Shweiki, Sheikh Mahmoud Jumaa Obaid, Sheikh Krayyim Rajeh, and others), along with licenses in different Islamic disciplines of knowledge including tafseer, hadith, jurisprudence fundamentals, jurisprudence, and Arabic grammar from a number of scholars in Syria and Saudi Arabia.

He began his Islamic education when he was 6 years old and has been blessed to be a student of many prominent scholars. He has been running lecture series and study circles for the last 20 plus years and continues to do so. He prays he can continue to be a servant of the Holy Quran and purified Sunnah. He is also blessed to be a father of three.


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At Grace people come together in discovering Christ through prayer and good deeds. I have found my purpose in life and I’m eternally grateful for that.

Jeremiah Olaya
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Ever since I joined Grace I feel that I'm finally doing what I've been created for - to praise the Lord and preach His word.

Peter Kreischer
Grace Deacon

The pastors at Grace gave me the support to live my life in the Grace of God and I'm eternally grateful for their sacrifices.

Anne-Marie Bourkard
Grace Deacon
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