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Welcome to the Muslim Wellness Network


Enabling people to grow into healthier versions of themselves including their Islamic knowledge, vocation, and relationships.


Aspiring to serve the group for the sake of Allah as a way of fulfilling the status of stewardship (istikhlaf) and servanthood (uboodiyyah).


Facilitating opportunities for people to use their talents across various domains in service of the wellness of society.

We are a group of individuals committed to building a trained, productive, intelligent, and innovative network of Muslims...

We are a group of individuals committed to building a trained, productive, intelligent, and innovative network of Muslims with the goal of generating leadership, direction, and vision for the community.

We aim to empower ourselves and those around us, through proper development to serve greater causes, find solutions for chronic problems, plan, and be proactive in addressing communal issues.

As was the case with our forefather Ibrahim (peace be upon him), the healthy individual is one who continuously endeavours to be in service.

By being exemplars of goodness(imams), positive change in society can occur and reform achieved. We strive to be worthy of this responsibility and to model this ideal to those around us. In short, we aspire to build ourselves as exemplars of healthy Muslims who strive to change the world, one person at a time, together, starting with ourselves.

The following values further define what we believe in and how people in our network are expected to behave with each other and the community at large. They provide a moral direction for our organization that guides decision making and establishes a standard for assessing what we do.

1. Comprehensiveness:Islam holistically covers all aspects of one’s life.

2. Balanced Perspective: Islamic positions ought to be free from theological, sectarian, and political agendas.

3. Service Orientation: Service is an integral part of Islam, and historically Muslims have been dedicated to the wellbeing of the communities within which they existed.

4. Cooperation: Inclusive cooperation with all members of society is essential to the wellness of the community.

5. Social Responsibility: Supporting social and ethical issues, including social justice, both locally and abroad is fundamental.

Mission: To exemplify a balanced model of personal development and profound service rooted in ourIslamic tradition to achieve wellness of the individual as well as the community.

Vision: A network of trained, productive, intelligent, and innovative Muslims is present and focuses on service to generate leadership, direction, and vision for the community.

1. Strong & Confident Islamic Narrative
Delivering “Friday khutbahs” that are beneficial and relevant, while providing an Islamic narrative that strengthens identity and generates confidence.

2. Relevant Programming
Providing programming that serves different demographics, ages, and backgrounds.

3. Mentorship & Imams Development
Focusing on mentorship, training, and delivering Islamic knowledge (Developing Imams).

4. Gender Inclusivity
Male and female programs will run parallel for all ages and purposes.

5. Safe Space
Creating a space that is welcoming and supportive for all-comers.

6. United Community
Leading an organization that aims to unite the community, promote the work of all Muslim institutions, and bringing everyone together.

7. Empowerment
Being dedicated to empowering others to achieve their visions and goals to serve.

8. Wellness & Personal Development
Promoting wellness and personal development on every level.

9. Genuine Service
Committing to genuine service and sincere interest in the community’s needs and concerns.

10. Closing the Gap
Getting closer to Allah collectively, together.

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Core Virtues


Genuine reverence of the Creator and confidence in one’s Islamic identity.


Unconditional acceptance of the truth with critical thinking.


Upholding a high standard of excellence through high ethical standards and grit.


Uncompromisable principles through humility and confidence.


Maintaining a perspective of mercy with a non-judgemental outlook for all.


Consistent thankfulness and appreciation of others despite the circumstance


High ambitions and aspirations with practical optimism grounded in a commitment to embody the change desired.


Open mindedness to new ideas and perspectives. A constantly inquiring mind is a healthy one.


A sound body is vital along with having energy through maintaining an active demeanour.

Service Orientation

Attitude of inclusion and integration with a focus on productivity and activism.

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The Muslim Wellness Network is only possible with the help of volunteers.  Please sign up below to volunteer and someone will contact you soon to discuss immediate, mid-term, and long-term volunteer opportunities whether it be with MWN or with other institutions in London, Ontario.