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Mahmoud Zeidan

Mahmoud Zeidan


Mahmoud Zeidan is a principal consultant at Bluenose Business Solutions, assisting small to medium-sized enterprises with their accounting and financial management needs.

Mahmoud spent over seven years in the financial services industry with the Royal Bank of Canada and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. His experience is in relationship management, market strategy, pricing, community outreach, and sharing of best practices for commercial clients in South Western Ontario.

Mahmoud has earned a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Finance and Accounting from Saint Mary’s University and a Masters in Business Administration from Dalhousie University. Mahmoud continues to prioritize a growth mindset and puts personal development as a priority in order to enable him to continue to serve his family and community.

Mahmoud is Treasurer and Chairman of the Finance Committee for Youth Opportunities Unlimited and Chair of the Board of Directors for The Muslim Resource Centre for Social Services and Integration.

Mahmoud is passionate about economic development, youth empowerment, and newcomer settlement and integration. Mahmoud is married to Mai and enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with friends and family.


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At Grace people come together in discovering Christ through prayer and good deeds. I have found my purpose in life and I’m eternally grateful for that.

Jeremiah Olaya
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Ever since I joined Grace I feel that I'm finally doing what I've been created for - to praise the Lord and preach His word.

Peter Kreischer
Grace Deacon

The pastors at Grace gave me the support to live my life in the Grace of God and I'm eternally grateful for their sacrifices.

Anne-Marie Bourkard
Grace Deacon
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